Keep tha PaSsioN !





NU FLOW dance. is a company that provides the following dance services. street dance teachers for schools, colleges and uni's. Also,  dance entertainment for: trade shows, fashion shows, dance shows, corporate events, conventions, exhibitions and private/VIP parties. We are accessible to these areas of business/events.


Dancehall Vs Afrobeat classes at  Pineapple Studio every Tues/Thurs (2pm) and Fitness 1st Angel every Saturday 2.30pm

EVENTS  DANCEHALL Vs AFROBEAT classes. £8 per person. Dance class + a T.shirt for £14. Loyalty card £80 for 10 classes+ one extra class (FREE). Loyalty card £80 for 10 claasses +a T.shirt (loyalty card offers are optional for you)


Here are some of the Clients NU FLOW dance co. has worked and represented.